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February 25th -March 5th, 2017

Experience a week of flamenco 100%, technique, choreography, compass, first quality shows, cultural places and wonderful walks through the streets of Seville, Jerez & Granada.

It is a pleasure to invite you to the fourth edition of Ruta flamenca. It is a trip to Andalusia with the purpose of bringing flamenco lovers into the daily life of cities “cunas del flamenco” such as Seville, Jerez & Granada, in order to learn, live and share various elements of flamenco.

This year we approach into 2 very complete workshops with artists and teachers of first quality such as Torombo Suárez & Chloé Brûlé.

The teachers have great acknowledge of flamenco pedagogy & professional dance experience. They will focus on choreography, dance technique, understanding our body, rhythm, cante, structure, etc.

The choreographies learnt will be used at our upcoming flamenco festivals and performances in Norway.

This trip includes:

* Accommodation Jerez, Sevilla & Granada (city center) 

* Technique & Choreography Workshop (14 hours)

* Compas, Cante & guitar

* Dance structure

* Certification 

* An entrance to a flamenco concert (*this year we have a big surprise as a concert)

* "Sevilla legends" night tour 

* Cultural tours (entrance fees not included)

* Joy, good company and unforgettable moments!

* Does not includes transport & food


Chloé Brûlé offers this year a great "INTRODUCTION WORKSHOP TO BATA DE COLA" those interested let me know. The price will be mark separately. 

Level 1 (without any knowledge or very few knowledge of flamenco):

8 hrs.-“The body language of flamenco”, cante, dance and rhythm workshop with Torombo

6 hrs. - technique and Choreography with Chloé Brûlé

Level 2 (with medium – advance level): 

8 hrs.-“The body language of flamenco”, cante, dance and rhythm workshop with Torombo

6 hrs. - technique and choreography with Chloé Brûlé (min. 7 students per level)

* Schedule coming soon!

This time there will be Flamenco workshop for kids, with Torombo Suárez. It will be an approach to flamenco in a very funny, educational and dynamic way. (Groups from 5 to 12 years old).

About the teachers:
Torombo Suarez


Francisco José Suarez "El Torombo" grew up in the flamenco community of Seville and started to dance at the age of seven. As a young dancer he performed side by side with Juana Amaya, Belén Maya and with the director Mario Maya in Europe, Asia and America.

Today, he is an important representative of traditional flamenco. His honest, authentic and elementary dance style inspires audiences all over the world.

“El Torombo” – a purist of Gypsy-style dance, unites tradition and his own unique understanding of flamenco. Known for his philosophic approach, he views flamenco as a zen-like practice.

A sought-after performer, he collaborates frequently with other artists such as Farruquito, Manuela Carrasco, La Susi, Tomatito and Potito.

Chloé Brûlé

Chloé Brûlé was born in 1978 in Montreal, Canada. After receiving a degree in classical dance from the Les Grands Ballets Canadiens school, she travelled to Spain to get closer to flamenco, studying under masters such as Manolo Marín, Andrés Marín, Javier Latorre and Rafaela Carrasco, among others. The assimilation of this language led her to work with and join companies such as those of Javier Latorre, “Rinconete y Cortadillo”, Ángeles Gabaldón, “Inmigración”, Israel Galván, “Torero alucinógeno”, and also to work under the direction of Fernando Lima, where she began a project of research and investigation that led her to form a language of her own. 

In 2005 she joined up with the dancer Marco Vargas and the singer Juan José Amador, to create their own show. They´ve been touring more than 20 Spanish and European cities

She continues her creative work with Vargas, performing at several events such as: Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, Teatro Central of Seville, in the cycle Flamenco Viene del Sur, at the Theatre in the South Festival in Palma del Rio. Has won the Giraldillo Prize for innovation and the prize Escenarios Award Sevilla, Best dramaturgy and Best sound space, besides receiving the prize for most innovative production at the Aragon International Theatre and Dance Festival.

Besides her creative work, Chloé also teaches and has given courses in Spain, Canada, Scotland, Italy and Germany among others, and also collaborates with other artists and projects.

Week short plan

February 24th, 25th
Weekend at Jerez and the Festival de Jerez
24th, saturday - if everybody arrives to same airport we rent a car and drive all the way to Jerez.
25th sunday we drive to Sevilla
March 2nd, thursday we drive to Granada
March 5th, sunday to Malaga airport

About the lodge:

It is a wonderful Andalusian typical hotel/apartment, located in the heart of Sevilla, Jerez and Granada. It is a modern and a very cosy place to stay a, which also conserve the Andalusian style at the best "flamenco area".

We will share the apartment between 4 people ( room for 2), if you need individual room, please let me know (the price will be different, only if its available). 

Sign up, price & payment:

*OUR TRIP STARTS (February 25th - MARCH 5th): Arriving SATURDAY 25th
*WORKSHOP STARTS Monday February 27th (lodging is included for 3 cities, 7 nights, check in 25th, check out sunday 4th)
To those who wants to join in this trip without taking the workshops, very gladly you are invited, price on the right.

Price per person with workshop / or without workshops

Price before January 20th: NOK 5,100 / 3,700

Price after January 20th: NOK 5,500 / 4,200

* Price with bata de cola included before January 20th: NOK 5,800 

Price for children´s workshop: NOK 3,300
OBS!!! To secure your place, we kindly ask you to pay a non refundable deposit of NOK 1000, which will be deducted from the final payment, no place would be reserve without this payment. (is necessary to reserve the studios, teachers and hotel). 
Bank number:12546238863 Please write Ruta Flamenca and your name as a reference.


- Are student from Espacio Flamenco Noruega or Tromso Flamenco

- Are any student

- Are unemployed

- Bring a friend with you

- If you send us your CV and explain why is important for you be part of this trip

Sevilla - Jerez - Cadiz

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