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Francisco José Suarez “El Torombo”

Grew up in Seville and began dancing when he was seven years old. The nickname “Torombo” was given to him by his teacher, the great Farruco, and it means torrent or storm. During his career he has travelled extensively in Europe, America and Asia, working with artists like Juana Amaya, Belén Maya, Mario Maya, Farruquito, Manuela Carrasco, La Susy, Tomatito and Potito. Currently, Torombo is living in Seville and is dedicating his time to teach young talents in his studio through his course “Despacito y a Compás”. He is also running la Asociación Ededart, which is aiming to reintegrate people in risk of social exclusion to society, helping them to discover their capabilities through art. Torombo is holding integration workshops in Seville’s jail, educational workshops in schools and awareness campaigns in communities where the level of criminality and drug abuse is high.

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