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tradisjon og innovasjon

I samarbeid med Kulturhuset åpner vi sesongen i 2018 og tilbyr en scene/arena for profesjonelle og amatører. Barbalé kommer fra romani språket og betyr fantastisk ånd - delirium. Ingenting beskriver flamenco bedre.

På Barbalé fremmer vi kunst, musikk, dans, kulturelt mangfold og integrering gjennom flamenco. Vi vil at mange mennesker kjenner mer til, og kan nyte flamenco i alle sine former.

I Barbalé arrangerer vi et show og forskjellige Masterclasses med kjente artister, og til slutt ønsker vi også å invitere studenter til å være en del av flamenco-nettene.


Velkommen alle sammen. Vi ses snart for å dele gode øyeblikk!



Flamenco performing space for professionals and amateurs.

In collaboration with Kulturhuset we open the first season in 2018.

Barbalé comes from the romani language and means fantastic spirit-delirium. Nothing describes better flamenco.

At Barbalé we promote art, music, dance, cultural diversity and integration through flamenco. We want that many people get to know and enjoy flamenco in all its facets.

In Barbalé we organize a show and a variety of masterclasses with renowned artists and eventually we want to invite students to be part of flamenco nights as well.


Welcome everybody.

See you soon to share great moments!!

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Open Call


Queremos invitar a los artistas  profesionales de flamenco a ser parte de la quinta temporada de Barbalé Flamenco Live. Adaptándonos a la situación del covid19, esperamos que podamos celebrar esta quinta temporada con conciertos en vivo, algunos tendrán formato streaming. 


Tendremos varios formatos en la siguiente temporada y este Open Call está abierta para varios países. 


Es indispensable que nos envies:

 - descripción del proyecto

 - duración

- que artistas participan

- fotos y videos de alta calidad

- rider técnico

*sin esto tu propuesta será rechazada


1 Si vives en NORUEGA y quieres ser parte de Barbalé, envíanos una breve descripción de tu proyecto. Tu “performance” se compartirá con 2 artistas más, por lo que debe tener una duración de máximo 20 minutos. Tu puedes proponer el tipo de performance si es con músicos o en otro formato. 


2 Si vives en los PAÍSES NÓRDICOS y quiere ser parte de Barbalé, envíanos una propuesta que también dure máximo 20 minutos. Tu propuesta debe tener la opción de hacer un streaming en caso que no podamos realizarlo en vivo. Los bailaores pueden compartir músicos.


3 Si vives en España o cualquier otro país europeo, recibiremos propuestas que duren 60 minutos y que tenga la opción de hacerse en streaming en caso de que no podamos realizarlo en vivo. 


Propuestas a:


Fecha limite: 1 de Agosto 2020 


Open call


Vi inviterer profesjonelle flamenco-artister til å være en del av den femte sesongen av Barbalé Flamenco Live. 

Vi tilpasser situasjonen til covid19 og håper at vi kan feire denne femte sesongen med live-konserter. Noen  konserter vil kunne måtte streames.


Vi vil ha flere formater neste sesong, og artister fra ulike land er velkomne til å søke.


Det er viktig at du sender oss:


- prosjektbeskrivelse 

- varighet

- navn på artister som deltar

- bilder og videoer av høy kvalitet

- teknisk rider


*uten dette vil ditt forslag bli avvist


1 Hvis du bor i NORGE, send oss ​​en kort beskrivelse av prosjektet ditt. Din "forestilling" vil bli delt med to andre artister, så den bør ha en maksimal varighet på 20 minutter. Du kan foreslå type forestilling, om det er med musikere eller i et annet format. De ulike danserne kan dele musikere. 


2 Hvis du bor i de NORDISKE LANDENE, send oss ​​et forslag som varer maksimalt 20 minutter. Forslaget ditt må kunne streames, dersom det ikke kan gjennomføres live. De ulike danserne kan dele musikere.


3 Hvis du bor i Spania eller et annet europeisk land, bør ditt forslag ha en varighet på omslag 60 minutter, og må kunne streames dersom vi ikke kan gjennomføre det live.


Forslag sendes til:


Frist: 1. august. 2020


Open call


We invite professional flamenco artists to be part of the fifth season of Barbalé Flamenco Live. Adapting to the situation of covid19, we hope that we can celebrate this fifth season with live concerts, but some may have to be streamed.


We will have several formats in the next season and this Open Call is open to various countries.


To apply please send us:

- project description

- duration

- names of participating artists

- high-quality photos and videos

- technical rider


* without this your proposal will be rejected.


1 If you live in NORWAY, send us a brief description of your project. Your “performance” will be shared with 2 other artists, so it should have a maximum duration of 20 minutes. You can propose the type of performance, if it is with musicians or in another format. Dancers may share musicians.


2 If you live in the NORDIC COUNTRIES, send us a proposal with a maximum duration of 20 minutes. Your proposal must have the option of streaming if we cannot do it live. Dancers may share musicians.


3 If you live in Spain or any other European country, we will receive proposals that last 60 minutes and that have the option to be done as a streaming in case we cannot do it live.


Please send your proposal to:


Deadline: August 1st, 2020



Would you like to be part of the flamenco tablao in Oslo? 

Send us your:  CV, fees, photos and promotional videos. * IN ENGLISH or Norwegian (not accepted in another language)
And a letter of motivation (in English, Spanish, French or Norwegian) of max. one sheet on any of the following topics:

- tradition and innovation

- cultural diversity

- tolerance

- migration

- gender equality

- global warming

- ecological awareness

through art.

Amateur / Students

After May 2018 we will open two dates where you can present yourself or with a group. NFF pays expenses of the local, publicity and professional musicians. Students can earn money from entrance tickets.
You only have to send complete names of the participants, program (palos that you will dance), pictures (if you have, if not, there is no problem) and a Motivation letter, explaining why you want to be part of Barbalé (max. one sheet).


Úrsula López

Tablao night -September 15th, 2019

Flamenco workshop : September 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th, 2019



Úrsula López is one of the most outstanding Flamenco dancers and prestigious choreographer. She is currently choreographer and director of the Ballet Flamenco of Andalusia. She has participate in the most remarkable Flamenco Festivals around the world and in the most well known tablaos in Spain. 

Dancer of the Opera de Carmen under the direction of Carlos Saura. In 1996 she joined the Andalusian Dance Company, during the next 8 years she participated as a soloist in all the performances of the Company touring the most important festivals and theaters around the world. "El perro andaluz" by María Pagés, "La vida breve" by José Antonio for the inauguration of the Teatro Real de Madrid, "Latido Flamenco" by Manolete, "Stuff of Payos" by Javier Latorre, "Ramito de Locura" by Javier Barón , “Dharma” by Eva la Yerbabuena and with Antonio Gades in the role of La Mujer de “Bodas de Sangre”. She collaborates with Joaquín Grilo in the show “Belmonte” that received the prize of the audience of the Festival of Jerez 2010. In September 2012 she premiered her dance company with the production “The other skin” at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla. She also represented her production at the Teatro Villamarta at the 2013 Jerez Flamenco Festival (the most prestigious flamenco festival in Spain), with great success from critics and audiences.

She works with David Peña (Dorantes) and Javier Ruibal, in an interesting concept and artistic dialogue “InterAcción”.

Her latest performances in Moscow, Zaragoza, Kiev (Ukraine), Bucharest, Chisinau (Moldova), Cordoba, Amsterdam and the upcoming participation in the Fourth Contemporary Iberian Festival of Querétaro in Mexico are combined with teaching by teaching courses all over the world and in his own dance academy in Seville, Flamenco Danza Estudio.

More about her:


El Oruco

Tablao night -October 20th, 2019

Flamenco workshop : October 18th, 19h, & 20th, 2019




He received his first lessons with the Sevillian bailaor "El Torombo" with whom he shares the stage in the flamenco season of the Diputación and the Covered Coliseum "El Palenque" in Seville, then he studied and performed with Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya "Farruquito."

He has complemented his studies with artists such as La Farruca, La Faraona, Antonio Canales, Juan de Juan.

Among his most important works, his participated in the show "Los Gnomos del Flamenco" by Antonio Montoya's company "Farru". He has performed at the most prestigous flamenco festivals around the world scubas:  the Biennial of Flamenco Art of Seville, Mont de Marsan Festival, Biennial of Flamenco Art of Paris, USA Festival. He collaborates with artists such as, Israel Galván, Rocío Molina, Rosario ¨La Tremendita¨, Esperanza Fernández, Pastora Galván, Argentina and José Ángel Carmona, among others.

He is first dancer the production "Flamenco de Raza" by the singer Curro Fernández, "Rare Avis" by guitarist Eduardo Trassierra, "Alma Gitana" by the bailaora Juana Amaya and "Diquela" and "Six by Law" of his own authorship.


He currently produces his new show "Ladrón del Tiempo"; he participates in the shows of Rosario "La Tremendita", Rocío Molina, Eduardo Trassierra; and continues til now, together with his flamenco group, the works "Eco" and "Six by Law", in various stages of Spain and the world.


As part of his teaching activity, he continues to develop his academic school, “FormArte Flamenco”, together with the dancer Karolina González “La Negra”, promoting the study of Flamenco art from its technical, rhythmic and choreographic structural bases, which has reached different academies from countries like Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Greece, the United States and recently Japan.

More about :


La Lupi

Tablao night -November 6th, 2019

Flamenco masterclass : November 7th, 8th, & 9th, 2019



She finished her studies at the "Superior Conservatory of Dance" in Malaga with outstanding notes. At the same time she was studying her career, she already started performing. Years later, after seeing her dance, guitarist Juan Maya Marote makes the decision to take her with him to Madrid. For the next three years, La Lupi worked in his Contemporary Dance and Flamenco Company with Ángeles Arranz, touring throughout Spain.


In 1999 she created the "La Lupi Flamenco Company" that allowed her to direct, choreograph and star in her own shows and present them in the most important national and international theaters and festivals in the world.

Among the most outstanding shows are: "RETOrno", "Letters to Pastora" (Tribute to Pastora Imperio) and "Moving" "La Paula"


In 2008 she recorded and choreographed the video clip “Brindo por ti” by the Malaga artist Diana Navarro.


In 2010 Rafael Amargo produces a show for her called "Flamenco Princesses" at the Calderón Theater in Madrid.

Presents the Max Music and Dance Awards playing the role of Antonia Merced "La Argentina".

Guest artist in the companies of the dancers Juan de Juan and Rafael Amargo


In 2012 the singer Miguel Poveda invites her to participate in the “arteSano” Tour for two years, where she performs six dances in this show, recording the live show DVD, at the Teatro Real in Madrid.


In 2013 she recorded the DVD of the show “El Arte por Delante” live, in the legendary Tablao Flamenco El Corral de la Morería together with the bailaores Ángel Rojas and Pol Vaquero.

She received the "Feel Malaga" distinction 2013 award from the 21st Century Foundation for the representation of Malaga in the world, through her dance.

More about her:


Karime Amaya

Tablao night -Febraury 6th, 2019

Flamenco workshop : Februar 7th, 8th, & 9th, 2019



About Karime Amaya 

Revelation Award at the Festival of Jerez in 2013. She was in Mexico in a family of deep flamenco tradition. She is the niece of the legendary Carmen Amaya. Karime is one of the world’s most recognized and respected dancer. It certainly carries in its blood the legacy of "La Capitana" Carmenn Amaya. She debuted at the age of 9 in the company of her parents, bailaora Mercedes Amaya "La Winy" and guitarist Santiago Aguilar, with whom she began her career at the age of 12 and continues to dance.

Karime has been performing as a soloist in the world's most important forums and tablaos, and has shared the stage with Tomatito, Los Losada, Farruquito, Gerardo Nunez and the lineup with dancers such as Maria Pages, Israel and Postora Galvan, Antonio Canales, 

Manuela Carrasco, Rafael and Adela Campallo, Torombo, Rafael del Carmen, Mario Maya's company, Antonio "El Pipa", the Farruco family, among many others. 

The bailaora has been projected as a soloist in the most important forums and tablaos in the world and has shared the stage with Tomatito, Los Losada, Farruquito, Gerardo Nuñez and poster with bailaores like Maria Pages, Israel and Pastora Galvan, Antonio Canales, Manuela Carrasco, Rafael and Adela Campallo, Torombo, Rafael del Carmen, company of Mario Maya, Antonio "El Pipa", Farruco Family, among many others. 

She was a part of the Arts Presenters, 46th annual members conference in New York, and performed a very successful six-month season at "El Flamenco," the most prestigious tablao in Tokyo, Japan. She was a guest artist in the shows "Bailador" by Antonio Canales, "Frente a Frente" by dancer Juan de Juan, "Abolengo" by Juan Manuel Fernandez, "Farruiquito" and "Dicen de Mi" by Joaqui­n Cortes. 

Throughout her career, she was participated in different festivals such as the Quito Flamenco Festival in Ecuador, the Flamenco Art Festival of Mont-de-Marsan in France, the Flamenco Art Festival in Monterrey, Mexico, the Festival of Jerez, Biennial of Seville, Suma Flamenca and the International Flamenco Festival of Albuquerque in New Mexico, USA.


Karen Lugo & José Maldonado

Tablao night -September 20th, 2018

Flamenco workshop : September 21st - 25th, 2018



Karen Lugo og José Maldonado er to av verdens mest anerkjente flamenco artister. Revolusjonære, innovatører, visjonærer, avantgarde, helt enkelt geniale artister.
Om Karen:
Danserinne fra Mexico som vant første plass for flamenco dans på den internasjonale festivalen i Almería, første plass for koreografi på den moderne flamencofestivalen i Finland og tredje plass for koreografi ved den spanske dans- og flamencokonkurransen i Madrid i XVII.
Hun har deltatt alene i "Los Novíssimos" -syklusen på XIV Festival de Jerez, i "Sangre Nueva, Jóvenes Flamencos" -festivalen i det spanske teatret i Madrid, i "Los Veranos del Corral" -syklusen i Granada, i " Flamencos-serien og Mestizos av SGAE-stiftelsen i Sala Berlanga i Madrid og i syklusen "Concierto Independencia" i Lunario på National Auditorium i Mexico City blant andre.

Om José Maldonado:
Danser fra Barcelona, som fra en tidlig alder har flamenco kunsten som livsstil.  

Gjennom sin karriere har han jobbet med noen av de største flamencoartistene, som blant annet Javier Latorre, Antonio Canales, El Guito, Rafaela Carrasco og Maria Pagés.
Det blir sagt om han at han er en allsidig kunstner, i stand til å blande flamenco og danse på en naturlig måte, og med en unik personlighet.
I 2013 fikk han førstepremien i en koreografi konkurranse i Madrid for koreografien "Mojacar" og i 2015 for "Trigo Limpio".
Han kombinerer for tiden ledelse av sitt eget dansekompani med deltagelse som gjestedanser og koreograf i dansekompaniene til blant andre Manuel Liñán og Guadalupe Torres.


Noelia Vicente Vargas

Tablao night -February 8th, 2018

Flamenco workshop : February 9th, 10th, 11th.



Noelia is one of the most outstandings and versatile artists at this moment, considered unique in its genre. She is the only flamenco dancer and choreographer to became UNICEF ambassador thanks to his unique talent and vision of flamenco and art in general, opening the limits through other languages, adding to the dance other ways of expression like a singer and composer. Her rebellious and curious personality, lead her to experience success and fame with her project "Gitanos".
With her own Company she created the shows "Flamentap" Flamenco fetauring Bronx and "Entre Flamencos" receiving several awards. Noelia also had a long career as a soloist with important artists and Companies like Manuela Vargas and maestro José Granero, Paco Peña, guitarist Francisco Prieto "Currito" winner of the prestige “XXI Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba”, Joaquin Cortes, Angel Pericet among others.
She was a teacher at the “Fundacion Conservatorio Flamenco Casa Patas” in Madrid and has taught classes around the world as the National School of Dance, Institute Fine Arts.
Twitter: NoeliaGitanos
Instagram: NoeliaGitanos
Youtube(GITANOS Channel): GitanosOle

Concha Jareño

Tablao night - April 26th, 2018

Flamenco workshop : April 27th, 28th, 29th, 2018


Madrid born Concha Jareño is, at present, one of the most outstanding Flamenco dancers who has participate in the most remarkable Flamenco Festivals around the world and in the most well known tablaos in Spain. Certified in Spanish Dance, she gained the National Awards Matilde Coral and Mario Maya on Flamenco Art in Cordoba 2007. She has work with artist like Rafael de Córdoba, Yolanda Heredia, Belén Maya, Rafaela Carrasco ,Isabel Bayón. She choreographed the work jazz-flamenco "Herencia", with Gemma Morado. In March 2008 she created "Algo" her first own production in the Flamenco Festival "Flamingo" , Helsinki , Finlandia. She participated in “Bienal de Malaga”, “Flamenco viene del Sur” and “ Festival de Jerez” as a guest artist for the "Flamenco XXI: Café, Copa y Puro" of the Compañía Dospormedio. She presented at Sala Triángulo , Madrid "Algo" and "Simplemente Flamenco" that show the artist’s Flamenco versatile skills from more to traditional to more contemporary style. Since 2004 she has been one of the resident teachers at the Amor de Dios school in Madrid, training many professional and non-professional dancers from all over the world. She also travels often to another countries to deliver workshops. Concha Jareño won the Flamenco Choreography Prize “Certamen de Coreografía de Danza Española y Flamenco de Madrid”, and the second position in the prize “Cante Flamenco de las Minas 2008”. In 2009 has presented "Algo" in one of the most prestigious Flamenco Festivals in Spain “Festival de Jerez”. She was awarded with the "Premio revelación" at the Festival de Jerez 2009 and getting the most rewarding reviews in media and really good audience feedbacks. 

* To read Concha Jareño's full biography, visit: 
To see videos, visit 

Belén Maya


Tablao night - March 14th, 2018

Flamenco workshop : January & March


La Choni

Tablao night - Second season

Flamenco workshop :  2018



Asunción Pérez "Choni". Dancer, choreographer, teacher and director of CHONI CÍA. FLAMENCA. She has a long career as a soloist and as part of the artistic cast of important companies such as Mario Maya and Eva Yerbabuena, among others, touring numerous national and international theatres and festivals.
In 2007 she decided to create his own company. After obtaining the Giraldillo for the "Most Innovative Show" at the XIV Flamenco Biennial with "Malgama, Circontemporáneo y compás" and the Giraldillo "Revelación" at the XV Bienal de Flamenco with "Tejidos al Tiempo", Choni Cía. Flamenca is located in one of the most outstanding companies of the current flamenco avant-garde. But it is with "La Gloria de mi mare", awarded with numerous prizes, among them; Best Show and Best Male Performance at Seville Stage Awards 2011, Andalusian Theater Awards (2014) for Best Actress and Best Lighting, and nominations for the Max Performing Arts Awards 2014 best dance show and "Choni" as Best Interpreter feminine dance, where she places it in one of the most important companies of the moment."Flamenco Tratado", "Compás de espera" (LORCA Award for Best Show and Best Female Flamenco Performance Artist in 2017) and "Reencuentro" (LORCA Award for Musical Authorship in 2016) are her latest creations, where she continues to show the versatility that characterises this special company.
Her dance, prototype of the Sevillana School, is characterised by elegance, femininity, grace, the dominance of arms technique, hands and feet and the ease and mastery in the handling of the bata de cola.

Flamenco Workshops

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