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Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble showcases elegant, passionate & powerful Flamenco dance and music with collaboration of high level international artists. 

Do you want something special and a new musical atmosphere for your event or festival?


The ensemble has an innovative approach to flamenco offering a wide repertoire from the most traditional to the most interesting flamenco fusion,  directed by dancer and producer Bellali Austria.

Chaneki is the Nahuatl word for "duende". It refers to the magic that is created on stage until reaching the “duende” that is often mentioned in flamenco.

Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble consists of artists from across the world. Various cultural backgrounds enrich our music and dance experience through a shared passion for flamenco.

Chaneki Flamenco Ensemble has performed at different events, and visits festivals, schools and tablaos. We approach audiences of all ages, creating art by merging new and traditional styles.


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leyenda del

The dance performance La leyenda del tiempo is inspired by, and in honor of one of the greatest flamenco artists of all time - "Camaron de la Isla".

A performance with live music, full of history and flamenco temperament in a delightful mix with Nordic tones. 13 internationally renowned artists also share their reflection of this beautiful poem by the Spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca

'La leyenda del tiempo', with this poem he begins the third act of 'Así que pasen cinco años', an avant-garde play close to Surrealism, which he wrote in 1931, a work that represents the tragedy of human beings, victims of their dreams and of time.


Dancers: Kirstine Hastrup Pia del Norte Jasiel Nahin Antonio "el Tabanco" Bellali Austria

Music: Yannick Corre - guitar, composer & music director Lasse Grøftehauge Jensen – guitar Sara Holgado & Juan Murube – cante Fredrik Gille – percussion Rasmus Dissing – cante Josephine Paulson – nyckelharpa

Artistic director: José Manuel Alvarez Choreography: José Manuel Alvarez, Ursula Lopez and the ensemble

Produced by: ChanekiFlamencoEnsemble/FlamencoGlobe/LP

Flamenco Film: Momentum


Thanks to Riksscenen, Samspill,  Oslo Kommune & Kulturrådet for making this possible!



Carpe diem is a music and dance performance about the the cycle of life in the indigenous world - told through #flamenco and Latin American music.

Experience a beautiful performance that celebrates #life itself!

Carpe Diem is based on the pre-Columbian Náhuatl culture from #Mexico, and their view of death as an essential part of the life cycle.

The performance is a tribute to life, in line with the thinking of the Náhuatl culture: We are all seeds, and after our death new life arises.

Bellali Austria - dance & producer

Ombelie Chardes - violin

Ole Andre Farstad - guitarrist

Ingrid Jasmin Vogt - vocals

Mercedes Alvarado - scriptwriter

Maria Vibe - producer & administrative manager

Daniel Antonio Corres - scene director

Reibel Austria - video & film

Pierluca Taranta - film

Eduardo Valle de Antón - photo

Maria Zahl - make up

Valiente - design

Thanks to Cosmopolite, Samspill, FFUK, Oslo Kommune & Kulturrådet for making this possible!

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