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La leyenda del tiempo is a dance performance with live music, full of history and flamenco temperament in delightful mix with Nordic tones. The dance performance La leyenda del tiempo is inspired by and in honor of one of the greatest flamenco musicians of all time - "Camaron de la Isla". This is an evening with flamenco music and dance with international artists on stage sharing the reflexion of our TIME as humans.


Volver - do you believe in equality?

Volver alludes to the endeavor for equality. The title means “to return” and it emphasizes: how men and women from different eras have expressed through music the oppression of their time by breaking tradition, screaming or whispering in order to be heard. Everyone has constellated in their own universe as the only way to make their voice heard. In times of darkness we need to return to our essence as beings, continue creating to maintain our humanity as a form of resistance in order to find equality.


10 professional artists and 10 dance guests from different countries, create an encounter of imagination, fusion, creation, sharing a message of “integration” as a reflexion of our world nowadays.

The title refers to three aspects we want to emphasise:

  • cultural diversity,

  • tolerance,

  • integration.

The masks symbolises the roles we are playing as we interact with each other.

The diversity and creativity of flamenco - Its changing aspects and the abundant possibilities for variation in the artistic expression, specially in the range between tradition and innovation.


Maskespill 2017

Vengo 2016
Nordic Black Teater

Vengo is an international cultural meeting to strengthen the flamenco collaboration in Scandinavia and other countries.

We develop as a guideline "migration and cultural diversity" sharing a message of TOLERANCE into our societies.

It is a pedagogical and artistic exchange with dance schools and artists from different countries.

There would be flamenco fashion show, exhibition of flamenco handicrafts from Spain, flamenco flash mob, master classes and performance in the evening.

Flamenco Flashmob 2016 Oslo, Noruega

Flamenco Flashmob 2016 Oslo, Noruega
Flamenco Flashmob 2016 Oslo, Noruega

Flamenco Flashmob 2016 Oslo, Noruega

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Vengo Flamenco Performance Oslo

Vengo Flamenco Performance Oslo

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Flamenco Vengo (trailer international flamenco fest)

Flamenco Vengo (trailer international flamenco fest)

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La leyenda del tiempo

As a brief movement that we can find in one night, in a landscape or in a simple note. The music makes me happy some spring mornings when I don ́t want to think, just to fee, like a bird that begins its journey. It lands turned into flamenco and makes me think through the chords that I can fly other way.It is a performance that takes some musical influences in flamenco such as the African music, the Cuban percussion, “viajes de ida y vuelta” and it ́s inspired by the poetry and bossa nova.

Flamenco Poetry in Motion
Dream Suite
(Afrikansk Kulturinstitutt - CAK)

This is how the artists gathered here will interpret from their own ethnicity what flamenco has influence in their lives. It is presented as a dialogue, inspired by the poetry and the personal feelings that flamenco evokes in each of them. A space where Lorca, Neruda and other poets to share some of our most intimate feelings and emotions that reveals an Ensemble that gathers with flamenco. It is an intimate moment where we risk in each confession, playing with the imagination and sensations.

"Our culture has Always Been derived strength from our diversity of understanding and experience."


In flamenco concerts we go back to the traditional “tablaos” in its original form, as they have worked since the time of the “cafés cantantes” of Spain.

Again, this concept strengthen the issue of cultural diversity and take advantage of the flamenco as a style transmitted and executed worldwide.

We propose in each concert to integrate new flamenco artists from different countries.


It is an episode, one afternoon for telling stories of life, everyday life situations, everyday life problems that perhaps lead us to the roads of a Solea por bulería;

the fragrance of flowers in spring into Alegrias;

the air that pulls up with force the waves, as a Bulería;

the fire wood embracing you when your parents are gone .......

Fire & Eternal
 (Afrikansk Kulturinstitutt - CAK)

Gypsy journey
(UIO - Historisk

Museum Oslo)

Gypsy journey it's a performance that takes us through the different music & gypsy dances, in the journey made many years ago by the gypsies from Northern India to Andalusia.


It is an approach to the gypsy culture and it encourage respect, tolerance, openness and understanding of this culture.


It also shows the richness in the dance and music that was generated along this journey.

Long Journeys Brief Encounters

Long Journeys, Brief Encounters is a dance/theatre production of Flamenco, Irish dance and Tribal belly dance. With this production the company seeks to create a performance that encourage the audience to reflect on the cultural diversity, the casual encounters and daily situations that links through various dance forms.

The story takes place in a train station in which three travellers gather through a series of coincidences. Through dance sequences choreographed and improvised, that explore the similarities and contrasts between their own forms of dance and movement in order to find a common language movement. That at the same time changes their vision of the unknown.

From soft and passionate violin chords to an explosive percussion or seductive guitar. It is a game of contrasts joined by one single love: DANCE.

Day of the Dead
The Dead also “party" 

It is one of the first performances where the company Pássaro Mar fuses flamenco with Mexican music and the poetic philosophy about death. The dance meeting takes place with "The Catrino" who is the spirit that guides the dancer to find peace and happiness accepting life and death. They enjoy each of the different music genres until they come their native music from Mexico.

It's a short performance for children. It fuses Mexican and flamenco dance in order to describe a story about the ancient beliefs of the prehistoric ancestors of Mexico on the Day of the Dead. It is adapted to young kids in order to share this point of view of the Mexican culture and see its festive and sacred side of the death.

“The dead also party” captures the festive mood of the Day of the Dead through a show full of energy, dancing different rhythms and describing this holiday with a tale.


It is the first project as part of an investigation about the diversity and dance fusion. It was created in Seville with the name of “Alquimia” (alchemy).

It fuses flamenco with Arabic dance and music, as the Argentine tango and flamenco jazz from Dorantes.

Social Cultural & Children's Projects

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